Street Plants

Me, I love a weed!  I became a gardener through an interest in weeds and wild flowers. Having done some conservation voluntary work in my early twenties, I realised we can do a lot for biodiversity and wildlife in a city context through gardening. I like a weed’s reminder that, though we may like to think it, we are not masters of the universe.

Here’s a pic I took yesterday whilst out-and-about in London with a visiting friend.  I originally stopped to look at the faces which were situated low down on a wall along St. Mary at Hill.. and then I noticed the weeds.. My friend, also a gardener (quite a different type to me!) started pulling them out, before I told him off!


If you liked this post, pop over to who collates a page of contributions from people who blog pictures of street plants.  And, if you’re hungry, try



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3 responses to “Street Plants

  1. What an extraordinary arrangement of statues. Really interesting when enlarged. It would be interesting to know more about them. Interesting too that your friend’s instinct was to pull the plants away.

    I hope you don’t mind but I’ve adjusted the link in the Loose and Leafy box because the one you left didn’t go anywhere. People can arrive here now!


    • leafencounterwp

      Hi Lucy, not sure what the statues are. It’s not in an area I usually go but from what I can remember, there was a modern building behind this boundary wall, so I guess they’re from an older building.. No probs about the link. Thanks for sorting it! Maria


  2. I love it! nice arrangement 😉


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