Call That A Weed?

Here’s a plant I don’t expect to see growing in the cracks of a pavement: Violet! There were window boxes nearby, so presumably self-seeded from there.. though it’s also at the bottom of a drain pipe, so maybe the seeds washed down from higher up..



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4 responses to “Call That A Weed?

  1. They look so lovely there, great shot…
    Amanda xx


    • leafencounterwp

      Thanks Amanda. Got up early on a Sunday to take that pic as its a narrow pavement and I thought there’d be nobody around.. But someone was walking ahead of me and stopped near by where I wanted to take the photo…Typical! I’m glad the violets are near the wall, so are less likely to get trodden..
      Maria x

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  2. Beautiful! I love violets, and congrats to them for getting established there 🙂


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