Tree Following: April

Just when I thought the tree I’m following wasn’t doing anything, still snoozing the winter off, it went and burst into bud while I wasn’t looking! I checked on this tree on the 8th, and I’m sure the buds were still tightly closed. Now, some leaves have opened already, and I’ve realised they’re not quite all “up there” as I’d panicked about in my last post….


… Some are still in vibrant green bud…


And there I was thinking this was going to be another post about the wild flowers hanging about beneath the canopy…


These yellow delights are Lesser Celandine (Ranunculus ficaria). Of course, they’re only delightful when you don’t have to weed them out, as I have had to do recently. Then they are tenacious, stubborn little upstarts!

But I have left this tree following post to the last minute, and the portal at Loose and Leafy where I can share this is shutting down around about now, so no time for any other thoughts…



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