Tree Following: May

The canopy has started encroaching the view of the sky, and the feeling along this stretch of Parkland Walk becomes more tunnel-like, befitting an old railway line. What is “my weed tree” up to?

IMG_1116The leaves are out, and are that vibrant, luminous green of the newly emerged… but curiously, there are no flowers yet. I’ve seen other Sycamores dangling their pendulous inflorescences, but not this one. At least not that I could spot.

At its roots, some of the wildflowers have filled out, like the Herb Robert (Geranium robertianum), but the Speedwells are diminishing.IMG_1125

Now, what was it I thought that umbellifer was? Erm… well, it was wrong! Now that it’s flowering, I can tell it is Cow Parsley. (Anthriscus sylvestris). Of course! Since my erroneous guess, I’ve been given the BSBI (Botanical Society for the British Isles) handbook on umbellifers of the British Isles. Next time, I should know better!


There are also saplings that have nestled into the base of this tree – about four or five of another janitor tree, the Ash, with keys that whirl about in autumn like the Sycamore’s. But that is for later post. Can you spot the Oak seedling masquerading as Fraxinus?

IMG_1129Until next time……………….

Thanks, as always, to Lucy at Loose and Leafy for organising this tree following lark.


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4 responses to “Tree Following: May

  1. Lucy Corrander

    That’s interesting. I’ve not heard Ash being called a Janitor Tree before. What a good name for it! As for tall white flowers – I can never tell one from another. (Unless they’re daisies!)


    • leafencounterwp

      And, of course, there are several different types of daisy! I saw something on the Eat Weeds website about the differences between hemlock and cow parsley ( A way into the secrets of umbellifers, should you wish to discover them!


  2. Lucy Corrander

    P.S. Would you like me to add an idea of location to your entry on the Loose and Leafy Tree Following Page?

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