Tree Following: June


The time has once again come round to record my observations about the tree I’m following. The most dramatic change is the new graffiti. The first time I saw this tree, the exposed roots had been spray painted, but that gradually faded.. In the past month, someone has decided the exposed ravel of roots weren’t fabulous enough, and embellished them. I’ve written about my distaste for this kind of graffiti previously (see the post dated 8th September 2014 entitled Crocodile in a Copse) The weeds that grew in the pockets have all been killed off.. Mind you, it’s been dry these past few weeks, and the Cow Parsley that grows a handspan from the Sycamore’s base is looking very dessicated now.

Something else I noticed was the loss of a limb. I might’ve overlooked this were it not for the brightness of the, as yet, unweathered scar. This had been a dead limb. Perhaps the graffiti vandal had grabbed on to it in a moment of disturbed balance. The branch was nowhere to be seen. As this old railway line is popular with dog-walkers, I wouldn’t be surprised if a dog had dragged it off in joy.

IMG_1317As for the leaves, their greenness has deepened, and some kind of powdery mildew is taking hold..


For more tree following, go over to Loose and Leafy. There are 35 of us sharing our observations. Until next time..

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