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Tree Following: September

OOoops! Tree following time came round again, and I missed the slot to connect with all the other tree followers on the Loose and Leafy blog. Thought yesterday was the 14th, and by the time I’d realised, it was too late to go and take pictures. Still, here is my September update, for anyone who is interested..

The weather is getting autumnal – rainy, with cool nights, and some spells of warm (but not hot) sunshine. The canopy of this sycamore I’m following is still decidedly green though there are a couple of butter coloured leaves on the ground. This is in contrast to the Acer I can see looking out of my window now is strongly tinged with yellow and orange. IMG_1538

With all this extra moisture, the Ear Fungus is listening out again; it was last seen in a fresh state in February and March..

IMG_1541And the first of the seeds are coming down – though, as I mentioned in May, I didn’t spot any flowers on this particular tree, so I guess this half-helicopter twirled in from another tree. I like the contrast between the verdant seed end and the sere brown of the wing. I don’t usually see this transition stage between fresh and dry of the samara (or helicopter), so it was a definite photo opportunity.

IMG_1545 October will no doubt bring more obvious changes, and I promise not to miss the link next time!


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