Tree Following: October

Last month, I missed the deadline for tree following with Loose and Leafy. Well, not this time!


From  a distance, the tree I am ‘following’ looks like it is still green in canopy but a closer inspection shows another hue is slowly taking hold.. Not as fierce an autumn colour as other Acers such as the Japanese Maples, which flame up in oranges and crimsons, Sycamore takes on butter tones.


It will be interesting to see how long this tree takes to shed all its leaves – Cherries are very quick, I’ve noticed, whereas London Plane trees can take up to three months to dump their foliage. Think about it.. that’s quarter of a year!!

Until next time, Tree Followers….

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  1. winterbournehgblog

    ‘Following’ a tree is a wonderful idea! We have posted our own (less focused) autumnal musing at Let us know what you think


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