Tree Following: November

A baton-change has occurred for the tree-following host. Due to technical complications, Lucy at Loose and Leafy has handed over to Pat of The Squirrellbasket. An intriguing image, a squirrel with a basket. I’ve long thought that when squirrels stand up and stare at you, with their little paws held at chest height, they look like they should be holding a handbag!

In my October observations, I noticed that the foliage of ‘my tree’ were still mostly green, and attached. Yesterday, when I took my pictures, all the leaves were yellow and the canopy approximately three-quarters obliterated.IMG_1841

What a difference a month makes. I doubt it will take another four weeks for the rest of the leaves to disperse; with the winds that have been blustering today, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were all ripped from the tree by the end of the weekend.


And with the ridiculously mild temperatures we’ve been having in London, the weeds are emerging with a fresh green more suited to spring. Here, Herb Robert (Geranium robertianum) pokes through the leaf detritus.


As the ecological quiet of winter approaches, I wonder if there will be much to observe in December. We shall see. Until next time…


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8 responses to “Tree Following: November

  1. I particularly like that view looking up at the trees against the blue sky. So uplifting!
    I hope you might hang on in there with tree following into 2016, too. I’m already looking forward to that.
    By the way, my reasons for calling it squirrelbasket are here. Although I leave everyone to imagine whatever image they like!
    All the best 🙂


    • leafencounterwp

      Hi Pat, and thanks! There is something that lifts the spirit about blue skies, especially at this time of year…
      I had spotted why you’re “squirrelbasket” but just had to comment on the image it brings to my mind.
      As for tree-following in 2016.. I’m not sure if I will yet, but have my eye on a potential tree already!


  2. I love the image of the squirrel holding a handbag. It is spot on!


    • leafencounterwp

      I’ve seen squirrels do some interesting things with those ‘hands’ of theirs. Not quite as amusing as holding a handbag, but close!


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  4. We also are having “ridiculously mild temperatures”–it’s crazy. Some of my Great Plains wildflowers are still green. They should be in great shape next year with all this extra photosynthesizing! (perennials)


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  6. I like the angle and now with the snow falling.. true winter is here..Michelle


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