Tree Following: December

Well, the tree I have been following for the past eleven months is well and truly asleep…


All but four of the leaves have fallen, and the liveliest thing about the tree is the fungi – lots of ear fungus, and a snotty looking fungus whose identity I have no idea.

I’ve usually visited on dry days, preferably when sunny, as I take better pictures of this tree in these conditions, but I didn’t have a chance to this time. The rain had made some interesting patterns on the bark.IMG_1875

Next month will be my final month charting the monthly progress of this tree, though I will continue to observe it every so often. Thanks to Pat of thesquirrelbasket for co-ordinating the Tree Following phenomenon.


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4 responses to “Tree Following: December

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  2. I DO love fungus, so I enjoyed this post! I can almost smell the damp wood.
    I hope you might also decide to follow another tree with us all in 2016 – I know I am already looking around and making a short-list of possible trees.
    Have a Merry Christmas and hopefully we’ll meet again in 2016 🙂


    • leafencounterwp

      Yeh, fungi are fascinating. Some are really quite funky. One of my faves is the earthstar, as it’s one of the few I can recognise!
      Still undecided about Tree following 2016, but will still be interested in everyone else’s.
      Jolly Xmas to you, and I’m sure we’ll bump into each other again in 2016:-)


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