Tree Following: a follow-up

This time last year, I was ‘following’ a tree on Parkland Walk. I noticed that although all the other Sycamores I was seeing were flowering, this one was not. I made a mental note to investigate if this was a quirk of 2015, and duly visited the tree again this year in May. Guess what? No inflorescences in 2016 either. I don’t know why this lack of flowers might be the case..

Did I notice anything different to last year? More weeds maybe, but the obvious was this:


.. a dog walking advert!

Strolling on from the Sycamore, I went to  check the Coral-root, a plant which is rare for London and one which I never knew before it was pointed out to me here. It had finished flowering when I was introduced to it late last May, so I was pleased to see it at its floral stage.

The Latin name, Cardamine bulbifera, reflects the fact that the plant bears bulbils in the leaf-axils. They look a bit like rose buds, but will go on to produce new plants, not blooms. Fruits ensuing from the flowers are uncommon, so it’s a good thing there is another propagation method.

Thanks, as ever, to Pat at Squirrelbasket for hosting Tree Following, the monthly sharing of tree observations.


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3 responses to “Tree Following: a follow-up

  1. Nice one! and I like the coral root. I don’t think I know it, although I guess it’s a relative of lady’s smock…
    Best wishes 🙂


  2. leafencounterwp

    Your guess is correct! Coral-root certainly is a relative of Lady’s Smock, a Cardamine I’m more familiar with. Just out of curiosity – do you say Carda-minee (which sounds a bit odd to me!) or Carda-mine (as in belongs to me)?


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