Redwings and red berries

A mild winter has meant lots of early bird activity. The cold spell this week doesn’t seem to have put them off.

I was surprised to see redwings recently, in the overgrown shrubbery beyond the fire escape outside my back door. Prior to this, I’d only seen them on the lawns of Ally Pally a few years ago. At first, I wasn’t sure what the bird was, as its red flank patch was obscured by foliage. But the eyestripe was very prominent, so I had my suspicions. A few days later, there were two or three of these birds, and I was lucky enough to snap some photos. They were drawn to the prolific Pyracantha berries.


I only saw them around for a week. Most of those berries have gone now, but the dark blue berries of Mahonia will develop soon, as the flowers are nearly over. I wonder if the redwings will come back for those..


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